30 Year Spotlight

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Eastern CT customers share how much they love their Georgian Conservatory more than a decade later

Twelve years ago, we were fortunate to meet Mike and Cindy, who reached out to us after seeing a friend’s sunroom that we had built and deciding that their own screened in porch was no longer satisfying for them. Instead, they wanted a way to make the transition from their home to the outdoors more seamless with a four-seasons room that would allow them to be semi-outdoors more often.

BEFORE – An outside look at the former screened-in porch

After meeting with Mike and Cindy to design their new addition, the Creative Enclosures team got to work. Between a job site a foreman, carpenters, plumbers (when needed), and roofers, we have all the skills necessary to handle a complete project in a timely manner. All our customers need to do is work with us to design the room and then confirm each step is done to their satisfaction.

“The conservatory exceeded our expectations and is now one of our favorite rooms in the house,” Mike said regarding the final results. “I enjoy sitting out there watching the snow fall as it covers the glass ceiling, watching the lightning, and enjoying the outdoors while still inside my home.”

DURING – Demolition of the screened-in porch

Once demo was complete, we began laying the foundation, insulation, and flooring. The conservatory meets all state and local building codes; it has 11” of insulation, cement footings, and tile flooring that stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter compared to other options.

“Matt helped us design a truly wonderful room,” Mike said. “His team was professional, attentive to detail, and thorough. When they had to fix some areas of tile grout, they re-grouted the entire floor, and left us 100% pleased with everything.”

Our goal was to create a versatile sunroom that Mike and Cindy could utilize for many more activities than their old porch would accommodate.

“I often do my beading in the conservatory because of the natural light. I can see the colors so clearly because the light makes them brighter than the indoor lighting in the afternoon,” said Cindy. “Mike and I can sip a glass of wine while watching nature a few feet away or throw a party to entertain family and friends without being pestered by bugs or inclement weather.”

“Cleaning requires only a simple vacuuming and window washing from time-to-time,” she added. “Whereas the screened-in porch required a lot more seasonal cleaning because it was open to the elements.”

AFTER – View of conservatory and deck a few months after the build

Twelve years later and they are still enjoying the room. That is what we love to hear from all our customers!

A big thanks to Mike and Cindy for letting us visit and sharing with us your experience and enjoyment of your Georgian Conservatory! It’s customers like you that make what we do so rewarding!!

Today’s view of the conservatory with Mike and Cindy