Dawn of the “LifeRoom” – A Revolution in Outdoor Living

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From backyard kitchens to couches and Smart TVs, home owners are making better use of seasonal space

Over the last 30 years in business, our company, Creative Enclosures, LLC has installed thousands of sunrooms, screen rooms and custom additions. During that time, we witnessed the transformation of a simple sunroom into a backyard entertainment center complete with fire pits, pizza ovens, kitchens and dipping pools!

As we take some time this year to reflect on our own history, we sense yet again a sea change in the aspirations of people looking for their forever home.

That house they’re in right now might actually be the one, if only they could bring the comforts of an indoor living area closer to the amenities they have outside on the property.

We may only get 5 or 6 months of decent weather here in Southern New England, but people want to take full advantage of every moment, right?

Well, lucky for us the future is now!

We call it – The LifeRoom.  Pictures can’t quite do it justice because each one is designed to be unique and customizable. But the concept can be universal. A LifeRoom is a unique space offering expansive views, protection from the unpleasing elements and a style that will have the neighbors wishing they lived at your house!  It becomes a part of the house,  because of large openings with retractable electronic screens, cooling fans, LED lighting and soft architectural details.

A LifeRoom can serve as the tech “hub” of any outdoor area, like pools, outdoor kitchens, and garden areas. Inside the room is protected from the elements. Safe enough for TVs, plug-in devices, dimmable overhead lighting and plenty of dry sitting areas.

Heating and blowers help keep the LifeRoom warm in the cooler months. Cool things down in the summer with overhead fans and misters.

The LifeRoom makes it comfortable to be outside.

As home remodelers we are passionate about fine tuning the perfect house. Trends like this excite us. If you have any home remodeling comments, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a comment below.

What changes and trends do you see coming in the home construction industry?