Sunroom Maintenance

Just as the paint on your home or the shingles on your roof needs attention overtime, a sunroom or conservatories longevity depends on occasional general maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape. All building materials expand and contract due to temperature swings, some more than others. The components of a sunroom is primarily glass, aluminum and in some cases wood. During regular temperature swings, all building products expand and contract. During this process, it is possible for critical seals on your sunroom to open up and potentially leak. The following is a list of maintenance items that will aid in keeping your sunroom looking new and performing properly all the time.

  • Exterior Cleaning
  • Adjustment of Capping Materials
  • Siliconing Critical Joints
  • Full Tune-up & Cleaning
  • Glass replacement
  • Window and door replacement

Sunroom Manufacturers:
There are many different types of sunrooms and conservatories built on homes and commercial buildings. Creative Enclosures, LLC can service, repair and replace the glass on:

  • Four Seasons Sunrooms
  • Skytech Sunrooms
  • Sunshine Rooms Sunrooms
  • Home-made (stick-built) Sunrooms
  • And some others…

A Word On Sunroom Glass
In the 1970’s and 80’s glass technology was certainly not as advanced as it is today. Consequently, glass technology has advanced significantly from better sealing of units for reduced seal failures, higher performance ratings for greater indoor comfort and less tinting required for better viewing.

Four Seasons Sunrooms glass is a proprietary product that is called Conserva-Glass and has extremely high laboratory efficiency ratings and one of the strongest warranties in the industry. Should you have a sunroom or conservatory on your Connecticut (CT) or Rhode Island (RI) home, which requires an evaluation we can assist you with a site inspection and provide you with a complimentary analysis of your unit. You may schedule an appointment to obtain this information.