Westerly, RI Sunroom from 2004 Stands the Test of Time

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Prior customer shares story of how quality products and craftsmanship have added value to his home

When Richard “Dick” Pignataro was researching a home improvement project a little over 14 years ago, he left no stone unturned – examining the facts stated in sunroom product catalogs, reviews, and articles as well as the claims made by TV commercials. Eventually, his search lead him to Creative Enclosures in Bozrah, CT, and he ultimately decided on a Sun and Stars Cathedral sunroom by Four Seasons.

As we continue to celebrate our 30th Anniversary Year, let’s look back on another great project that has stood the test of time.

BEFORE – An outside look at the former patio area

“What really sold me was the quality of the glass,” said Mr. Pignataro. “Creative Enclosures took the time to compare all the different types of glass that were on the market, so I felt very comfortable with the decision I was making. In the end, everything they said turned out to be true – it reassured me that I was making the right choice. They turned out to be top-notch workers who really paid attention to every detail.”

Aside from being both strong and durable, the Four Season’s glass is more reflective than other varieties, which Mr. Pignataro said helps reflect more sunlight and heat in the summer months. He had a small gas heater installed as well and said he literally uses the room year-round.

AFTER – Final “product” up to code with condominium association regulations

“The glass itself has a look and feel where you can just tell it’s high quality,” he said. “When friends and family visit, their eyes get BIG and they say “Wow – when did you have this done?!” People are always impressed when they first see it.”

In fact, the sunroom is part of the reason he frequently hosts family holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas. After the project was completed, he had a 6-foot table specially made in Italy.

“It’s fantastic,” Mr. Pignataro said. “Everybody loves it because it feels like we’re eating outside. We like being out there even if it rains or snows because you get to enjoy all of nature while staying warm, dry, and comfortable.”

Looking back on the sunroom project now after all these years, he estimates that the resale value of his condominium is considerably higher than other nearby units.

He said there were many factors along the way that made the project a success. First off, his condo association has strict requirements allowing for small additions to the property. The 10’ x 20’ Sun and Stars Cathedral fell within the acceptable parameters.

Second, he had a small brick wall already in place and Creative Enclosures was able to make that a part of the room. Third, he wanted easy access from each side of the room and said he was very pleased when we were able to design an extra entrance at his request.

Finally, cleaning and maintenance has always been a breeze by simply wiping or power washing the glass.

Dick Pignataro says he enjoys his sunroom year ‘round.

“About 10 years after the sunroom was installed, they came back, checked everything out from top to bottom and a gave the entire room a tune up,” said Mr. Pignataro. “I’ve never had any complaints or leaks – I can’t say enough good things about the Creative Enclosures team.”

Thank you Dick Pignataro for allowing us a glimpse into your sunroom! We hope this year’s harvest of squash and tomatoes will be twice that of years past!!